Recipient of the

2015 Keep Ohio Beautiful Award

SAVE the DATE- May 7 & 8, 2016


420 Volunteers

546 Tires totaling 11.17 TONS

13.75 TONS trash & debris

1,060+ lbs. Scrap Metal

=  >25.42 TONS 

removed from the Black River, her banks & adjacent land.

GRUMPYS BAIT BUCKET AND KAYAK RENTAL: Grumpy's, at the the Black River Wharf and Boat Launch (W. 14th Street in Lorain) is the go to place for kayak rentals and your on river needs. Lucky for us, Grumpy is a dear friend and always provides free kayak usage for The Black River Clean Up. He clearly cares about the Black River and is a staunch supporter of our efforts 365 days a year. Thank you very much Grumpy!
AMERICAN RIVERS ( Another proud partner in the Black River Clean Up, what more can we say - these folks love, believe in, and are all about preserving and saving our nations rivers. Just go to their website and see all of the amazing things they do! We are very fortunate to have them out there and even more fortunate to have their support here in Lorain!
THE AMERICAN CANOE ASSOCIATION: "In addition to promoting paddlesports Education, Stewardship, Exploration and Competition, the ACA is dedicated to improving the communities we live and paddle in." They said it and they meant it. The American Canoe Association are partners we are proud to call friends of the Black River Clean Up. Perhaps the preeminent promoters of paddling sport in the United States, the ACA is aggressive in its stewardship of our nations waterways and shorelines. Thank you ACA for being partners of the Black River Clean Up and thank you for all you do for paddle sports and the environment we all paddle in!
WEST RIVER PADDLE SPORTS: Our dear friends from the west - Vermilion to be exact - have always been there for us. They are passionate river, waterways, and shoreline folks just like us and when they see a need, they show up and deliver! Thank you West River Paddle Sports for being dear friends of the Black River Clean Up!!

2014 had 283 volunteers 

Taking Back The Black.

Families, friends, youth groups & strangers, 

even a displaced city resident,

joined forces and worked together. 

Along with very generous donations, 

including a backhoe & bobcat, they managed to gather ...


19.29 Tons trash

 + 660#s Scrap Metal


+ 125 Tires 

+ one 7.5' heavy equip. tire

for a Grand Total of:


21.995 TONS debris removed.

All in  less than 10 hours over 2 days.

AmaZinG what happens when great people come together for great things!

We are unstoppable!! 

....... for anyone keeping track -- 

that's 28.5 TONS in 2 years.

Thank you to everyone who helped in even the smallest way - every penny, pair of gloves or trash bag adds up and helps! 

We appreciate all of you!!!

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