Welcome To BRCU'15!

2014 had 283 volunteers 

Taking Back The Black.

Families, friends, youth groups & strangers, 

even a displaced city resident,

joined forces and worked together. 

Along with very generous donations, 

including a backhoe & bobcat, they managed to gather ...


19.29 Tons trash

 + 660#s Scrap Metal


+ 125 Tires 

+ one 7.5' heavy equip. tire

for a Grand Total of:


21.995 TONS debris removed.

All in  less than 10 hours over 2 days.

AmaZinG what happens when great people come together for great things!

We are unstoppable!! 

....... for anyone keeping track -- 

that's 28.5 TONS in 2 years.

Thank you to everyone who helped in even the smallest way - every penny, pair of gloves or trash bag adds up and helps! 

We appreciate all of you!!!

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We are a tax deductible 501(c)3.

BRCU'15 is brought to you by LoCo 'Yaks, in coordination with these generous sponsors:

Lorain Port Authority

Ohio EPA

City of Lorain

American Canoe Association


Jackalope Lakeside

Firestone/Bridgestone Corporation

Great Lakes Kayaking

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Chemtron Corp.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Coldwater Consulting

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